The Extraordinary
Horsemanship Journey

13-Week Challenge

Unbridle Your Confidence.

Elevate Your Horsemanship.

Make Time for What You Love.


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Challenge Check-In & Weekly Schedule: Mondays at 7 pm in Challenge Facebook Group (link above)

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Journey/Challenge Details…

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EH Journey Details

EH Journey: How To Track Sessions

Helpful Printable Worksheets & Downloads

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Completion Forms

Must be turned in by the last day of the month you completed your 90 days. Winner will be drawn the first Monday of the following month🏆

Bonus Lessons

(edited versions of these lessons in progress & coming soon!)

Lesson 1
A Pep Talk On The Importance of Consistency

Lesson 2

Connected Leadership: You are enough.

Lesson 3

Replay “Fundamental Building Blocks for any Maneuver”




Lesson 4
“Teaching the Sensational 7: Fundamental Building Blocks for any Maneuver”

Lesson 5

Replay link “A Pole Pattern to Practice Your Fundamentals”




Lesson 7 Replay link

Your “Pre-Ride Check”




Lesson 8

Replay link “Creating Trust & Relaxation with Homemade Obstacles!”




Lesson 9

7 Tips To Improve Your Horsemanship in 5 minutes”

Lesson 10

Replay link “Equine Tapping for Relaxation with Charlotte Cannon




Lesson 11

Replay link “Become A Better Rider: Practicing The 4 Aids” 

Lesson 12

Replay Link

Mental Strategies to Gain Confidence




Week 13

The Ultimate Equestrian Goal Blueprint”




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