Expectations Make All The Difference Between Success And Frustration With Your Horse

“Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy”

– Brian Tracy

When the lead horse in the pasture pins her ears back and asks the others to move, she means


Not in a bit when the other horse’s feel like it,

right now.

This is a horse’s mentality.

They expect the guys under them to do what they are told and if they don’t there are swift consequences.

I used to have a problem when I taught riding lessons, with some of my smaller students giving a little squeeze and when the horse doesn’t go,

they take a break from squeezing to say;

“Miss Jen he won’t go!”

Unknowingly confirming to the horse that he doesn’t have to go,

because they let the pressure off.

Then the kids will often times develop the attitude that the horse isn’t going to go and stop asking with any kind of expectation of a response.

The boldness of your request, and the level of expectation you hold in your mind makes a difference in the the level of response you get from your horse AND YOUR LIFE.

(Again remember to use balance in this area, for example you can’t be too bold with a fearful horse.)

Also, your level of expectation effects the level of effort you put forth

…for example, if you believe you will fail it is hard to put forth a lot of energy.

Let’s break it down on what you would do with your horse, that is acting like a sassy pants:

Determine why she are not doing what you ask
(Is she scared? Does she not understand? Is she physically unable? O does she just plain not want to?
If you determine she just doesn’t want to…ask your horse
(give them a cue for what you want them to do)
Expect her to respond
If she doesn’t respond apply increasingly more pressure to get the response your looking for
And don’t let off until you get it!
(as always-please! use common sense here, I am not asking you to put pressure on a scared horse)

Handle your horse with a positive, confident mind set that conveys to your horse when you ask him to do something, he needs to do it.
NO questions asked. NO Backtalk.

And in our lives, let us learn from this day forward to take action with the expectations of a positive outcome.

How many times have we been just about to succeed and we let the pressure off, not achieving our goals because we quit too soon??

EITHER you will win that day or you will learn.
And whether you end up EXACTLY where you thought you were supposed to go or not you will be moving forward.

I believe that God honors the TRY even when and if we are off the mark, when our hearts are in the right place.

So start today (move forward) with the EXPECTATION of success.

Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you will end up with the stars.


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I’m Jen.

Most days you will find me with a coffee in one hand, hot pink manure pick in the other with my mind bubbling over dreaming up ways to help my horse girl sisters find their true selves & ride their best life every. single. day.


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