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Horse girl, don’t let another year pass
with regrets of not doing the things you love!

Ready for staying on track, progress, & more time in the saddle?

 Set yourself up to live 2021 with strength, focus & massive momentum using your passion for horses as the ultimate tool for living your best life.

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The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner
for 2021

designed exclusively to help you balance your entire life in one happy place

It’s like having a coach in your pocket.
It keeps you moving forward!

From riding horses at home
to competing at the highest levels
the Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner
has the tools you need to accomplish your goals 
and live at your best…

“As we show up more & more in our lives as our truest, best self, our life & horsemanship transforms to the extraordinary.”

Just Imagine…


showing up as your best self when you go to ride your horse, to bring out the best in her


getting everything done and still having the time to spend on yourself


staying focused on your dreams & passion


knowing exactly what it is you need to work on & when


having the ability to stay focused on what you want to accomplish


feeling confident & in control of your life


having a clear, written plan to bring your dreams into your schedule


feeling empowered as you take on the mental, physical, spiritual, expense & time consuming challenges of horses


silencing the voice of doubt in your head that tells you, you aren’t good enough or that you don’t have what it takes to be the person you want to be


doing what you love to do, and living your life with passion

Created with YOU in mind, knowing you care about successful horsemanship principles & high performance strategies…

this planner guides you to bring your greatest dreams to life.

Keep your goals front & center.

Are you one of those people that starts the New Year fired up with resolutions,¬†only to find that by January 23rd (or sooner), you’re back to the ho-hum grind of last year?¬†Welcome to the 93%.¬†Life gets busy, things get in the way, you forget or put off what you were trying to achieve.

It doesn’t have to be this way.¬†When you know the RESULT you’re looking to achieve you can¬†be¬†that person and take the¬†actions¬†of a person who achieves those results.

Show up as your best self.

If you’re anything like me, it’s hardest to¬†keep your word to yourself.¬†Jim Rohn said, “Your want to set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it you become someone worth becoming.”¬†Jim Rohn

We want our lives to have¬†meaning and¬†purpose, to be someone¬†worth becoming.¬†You’ll be reminded to remember WHO you really are… not the person you may feel¬†like today, but the one you’re meant to be. The planner guides you to remember¬†who you want to show up as¬†day-in and day-out.

Take care of you (first).

I’m guilty, and I’m willing to bet you are too…taking care of my horses with nutrition and exercise, only to neglect that myself.

There’s a reason why flight attendants tell you to¬†put your oxygen mask on first.¬†You’re no good to anyone if you’re out of air.

You can’t show up as your¬†best self when you aren’t taking care of the essentials like rest, healthy eating, hydration & relaxation.


Consistency = Momentum

When we can break the steps down one tiny step at a time, anything is achievable. Do you believe that?

You don’t have to take extraordinary action to do extraordinary things. You just need to take¬†ordinary action,¬†every day,¬†consistently.

Using the planner to set goals and make a plan to achieve those goals make it¬†simple¬†to take action every day. I didn’t say it would be easy-there are some days you won’t¬†feel¬†like it-but when the action is clear, a habit is formed and you can take action whether or not you feel like it.

Ready for a closer look?

You won’t be left alone staring at the blank page. We are on this ride together.

Get your planner set up & ready to optimize your life and schedule in no time  with our step by step training videos plus printed quickstart guide.

ūüéČūüéČPLUS¬† on¬† New Year’s Day we will host our “Best Year Ever” Action Taking Workshop where we will work through and set up your planner together page by page in a special VIP online workshop. ūüéČūüéČ

You are not purchasing just one more notebook, calendar, or a pretty place to write your goals… you are signing for a year long transforming experience to get your dreams out of your head and into your best life.

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See What Others Just Like You Are Saying…

I have to be honest and say I am in LOVE with this planner already. It speaks to my soul! (yes, that sounds funny but who cares!)

H. McGhee

My planner is always open on my counter, with me in the car, and by my bedside so I can start my day with a plan. With it I have purchased horses by sticking to plan, moved my farm to another state with no glitches and so much more. Thank you HorseGirl.me!!

K. Rakkit

I love my planner you won’t be disappointed!!!!

C. Willmarth

“This will be my fourth planner and each year it gets better. Horse Girl support and the planner has changed my life and horsemanship.

” Girls I ride with ask “How have you progressed so much with your horse?” We work 6 days a week. “How do you ride so much?” Have to…it’s in my planner. So, here I am, creeping up on 60 and in the best shape I think I have been in and my horsemanship has soared…of course, so has the fun. From planning goals, to establishing good habits, to forcing me to ride when the excuses abound, the planner and the support from the HU Riding Academy has been truly life changing.” Diana Lancaster LancasterArt.com

¬†“There is science behind physically writing down your goals and seeing your progress.”

¬† “If you love horses and you love planners this product is for you! This will be the third year that I‚Äôll be getting one! It has helped me work through my goals and how I can track my progress toward them. The first year my goal was to lose weight and get riding in more often. I reached both goals with the daily habit tracker keeping me accountable. The next year (2018) my goal was to figure out a way to work from home but have a small impact in the equestrian industry. And Guess what!!!? I achieved that too. I started my own Virtual Assistant Business where I mainly work with equestrian businesses. There is science behind physically writing down your goals and seeing your progress. I know I wouldn‚Äôt have been able to accomplish these goals without my HorseGirl planner!! I can‚Äôt wait to get the new edition planner for next year!”

April Hardeman MakeItRein.com

The Ride You Will Regret The Most.

Is The One You Didn't Take...

When people look back on their lives, it is not what they have done,

but what they have not done
that they most regret.

But that won’t be YOU…

You’re going to love this planner!


Worksheets to help you get clear on who you want to be, what you want to accomplish, a plan to stay motivated & on track, how to break it all down step-by-step & get your dreams out of your head and into your schedule.


Annual calendar with monthly views and daily layout.


Exclusive one-of-a-kind weekly planning system for horse lovers who love to ride.


Specially designed so that you keep your goals in front of you without getting buried in your busy schedule & to-do list.


Lightweight spiral bound design (Girl, we know you don’t need extra weight to lug around!)

That’s not even it!

You also get these amazing bonuses:

Equestrian Planner Printables

Extra pages, worksheets, complete with home & barn checklists to print out so you get all your stuff done quickly with ease & get to the riding!
Value: $47

Quick Start Planner Blueprint Training Videos

No chance of feeling overwhelmed or stuck! Get your planner set up and optimize schedule in no time with step by step training videos.
Value: $97

New Year's Day Workshop to help you kick off 2021

Imagine how empowered you will feel when joining equestrian women all over the world to get inspired for the New Year together.
You won’t want to miss this online event!
Value: $197

G.O.A.L. Training Map Worksheet & Masterclass

Got big horse goals in 2020? Stay on track by planning out your entire training year on 1 page, with our exclusive 1-page worksheet & masterclass.
Value: $97

Total Value $388

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“Mission Extraordinary”

90 Days To Living Your Best Life

In just 13 weeks, you will develop simple daily practices that will take you
from feeling overwhelmed & out of control to feeling courageous, calm, happy and focused.

Powerful goal setting & horsemanship/life lessons

From goal setting, to overcoming fear, balance, presence, & becoming your best self to bring out the best in your horse

Downloadable Workbook & extra printable sheets

Bonus: 5 Days To "Ride Fearlessly" Challenge Video Series

Personal development & growth designed just for the equestrian woman!


Online point system to reward yourself as you make progress

Choose the package that’s just right for you:

The Equestrian
Extraordinary Experience Package

perfect for the self starter who would like the planner & are not looking for extra 2021 support & accountabiltiy

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The Extraordinary Experience Package Includes:

2021 Limited Edition
Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner

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Bonus 1: Planner Printables
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Bonus 2: Equestrian Goal Setting & Quick Start Planner Blueprint Training Leg up Videos
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Bonus 3:¬†New Year’s Day Workshop plus 5 Day Challenge
($197 Value)

We apologize for the inconvenience the 2021 Planners are sold out for this year to learn more about our 90 Day Playbook & program go to MissionExtraordinary.com

The Equestrian
Extraordinary Momentum  Experience Package

includes equestrian personal growth training plus essential tools to provide accountability & support, plus 90 Day System & Bonus Planner

$127 /plus s&h

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The Extraordinary Momentum Experience Package Includes:

‚úĒ 2021 Limited Edition Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner

Plus! All 4 Bonuses From The Basic Package to guide you to live & ride your best every day
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‚úĒ New! Mission Extraordinary Equestrian Challenge

13 Weekly Missions: Personal Development for The Equestrian. Includes powerful lessons on goal setting & personal growth specific to equestrians so you have weekly motivation, inspiration, accountabiltity & support 24/7 (plus it’s a lot of fun)¬†*instant access to get started upon purchase¬†
($297 Value) 

‚úĒ Printed¬†Mission Extraordinary 13 Week Action¬† Planner¬†

this little power packed playbook gives you super focused support to stay on track in 90 days segments so you will keep the promises you make to yourself on January 1st.
($37 value)

‚úĒ Goal Achieving Exercises, Checklists & Worksheets

so you will never be stuck staring at a blank page, not sure where to start
($197 value)

‚úĒ Bonus: 1 Month Membership to HorseGirl Riding Academy Lessons & Courses

build your confidence & strengthen your partnership with your horse so you can take action & start making progress right away (starts January 1)

($27 reg. price monthly $397 value)

‚úĒ Bonus: Exclusive Mission Accountability Support

with private Facebook group & monthly accountability checkins so you never feel you are on the ride alone

($97 value)

We apologize for the inconvenience the 2021 Planners are sold out for this year to learn more about our 90 Day Playbook & program go to MissionExtraordinary.com

The story behind the equestrian planner…

The story behind the equestrian planner…
In 2007, I couldn’t stay on track. Depressed. Overwhelmed. Totally stuck.

I was totally obsessed personal development & time management, but something wasn’t clicking. I couldn’t find a system that I could stick with.

My life was all over the place, and I couldn’t get consistent enough working with my horses to make any type of progress.

Finally, I had enough.

I sat down on my old laptop & put everything I had learned through my years of studying all in one place and the first raw version of my equestrian planner was born.

Since that day typing away on my rickety old desk in my bedroom, I have been able to…
co-create TheHorseTrainingChannel.com
co-create Horses-U Riding Academy,
train & show my own show team,
coach women from all over the world online,
travel to France,
co-create programs with amazing trainers like Charlotte Cannon & Lindsey Partridge,
move back to my Grandparents farm in Illinois,
finally, get control of depression
progress daily in following my riding passion.

I am not saying life is always perfect or without struggles but, trust me, if I can go from starting at rock bottom to a life I could only dream was possible in the past,
imagine what you can do!!!

Jenny Rohlen-Barker
Creator of The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner