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Working Through Equestrian Fear

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Fear can paralyze and consume us.

So what’s an equestrian girl to do? Don’t ignore it!
Confront it & move on with these mental exercises!


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In the Fear Course you get:

Take Fear By The Reins full Ebook & Workbook
Which includes the Fear Emergency Kit handout and Fear Worksheet to take you step by step in breaking down each individual fear and making a plan to conquer it!

6 video lessons that expand on working through the workbook together 
(Over 6 hours of teaching.)

Unlimited Lifetime Access


Own This Course Today for Only $27

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Save 70% off regular course price of $97. 



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You will learn…


  • How Fear feels in your body at different escalations and ways to build your level of awareness to be able to catch Fear while it is small and before it can take over in your body.
  • To understand what the emotion of fear means as well as the difference between fear and vulnerability, as those two emotions appear the same to most of us.
  • After understanding fear, then you will learn to move on and how to conquer it!
  • How to make a step by step plan to break down how you will address Fear in the moment BEFORE it happens.
  • How to make a detailed step by step plan on what to do IN THE MOMENT when you feel Fear.
  • Why you must have a plan with detailed action steps (you cannot just push through Fear)
  • To feel prepared and safe as you work through your fears to gain more confidence
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A clear plan for the rest of2020 is just a few hours away!

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