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Bay Horse Relaxed

Building trust, relaxation, confidence and connection may look pretty strange sometimes, but thinking outside the box can help.

In our effort to help horses find relaxation and peace, sometimes a horse can go through all the calming stuff and still have extreme emotions. This is when we dig deeper to find a solution for that individual.

All of us, and our horses, are constantly absorbing the electrical charge in the environment around us. Sometimes that charge is lovely and zen, like the charge in a beautiful big grass pasture, in the woods or by a beautiful waterfall. Other times it’s chaotic and gets stuck inside us, like a crazy city with sirens, concrete, metal and other anxious people.

Our horses can feel this way and get this crazy chaotic charge stuck in them from the racetrack, shows, big group rides, even at home in their pristine rubber matted stalls, under led lights, with blowers, radios and cellphones all around them.

Tad Coffin made me aware of this possibility, and I was amazed at the results we got by grounding our horses inside with different grounding products, including his Theratree with Grounding Girth and Plug.

Some horses still have trouble, so we put on our thinking caps again. My next idea was to attach a grounding plug to a stall screen, maybe even cover the screen with copper or copper fabric. This has allowed horses with a ton of chaos to lean on the copper or screen as long as they can, but also move if they are detoxing too quickly (it makes you feel nauseous if you detox too fast).

That was still not the key for one of Haley Walsh’s horses, so she dug even deeper. She raised a stall chain/guard higher, draped a piece of copper fabric over the chain, and plugged it in, BINGO, her daughter’s mare started leaning into it and using it to help her relax! Brilliant Haley and Emma!!!!

I just got this beautiful picture and had to share! The point here is not that we all need throatlatch high stall chain covered with copper fabric, it’s that when you understand the concept and how to apply it, you can keep tweaking it until it is just right for your individual horse! This is why my posts are so long. I want you to have the rest of the story.

Why does this work so well for this horse when nothing else was connecting, idk for sure? Is it an energy meridian thing? Is it a chakra thing? Is it just more comfortable to lean on your throatlatch, vs your chest? Love to hear your thoughts if you have an idea about this!

To learn more about Equine Grounding and The Cannon Method, we have an Intro video series packed with loads of info for $37, Jen Rohlen or Lauren Lee Sarlya can hook you up. I’m not the computer genius

Take a Look

Check out Cassidy’s eyes, ears, and top lip in both pics, soft, relaxed, endorphin top lip poked out. See how she is offering the bend in the second pic, I’m not pulling, and although Brynn has some contact, it’s not forced.

Check out how Brynn is solving this stress/fear puzzle with connection with me in the first pics, and relaxation in the second.

It’s fun when we start to find new approaches to old problems. Will this fix everything, no, but can it help the pony and her girl, yes!


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