Are we that different than horses?

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Today’s question is;

What do you remember about your first ride?

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Last Question was;

Do you feel fear or panic when you have too much pressure applied to you?

I was feeling stressed and a little anxiety about all I was trying to do.

I felt a little trapped and as if I did not have a lot of choices while sitting at my desk in the moment a couple weeks ago. I started to notice the stress and thoughts began to shift to a feeling of panic. I felt trapped, panic and like I had no way to get out. I began to feel the panic in my body. That gave me such a horse lessons are life lessons moment……..

We are not that different than horses at all in the way we react to stress or too much pressure. Horses begin to panic when they feel trapped and see no way out or away from the situation. Horses can go to panic when you apply to much pressure on them when you are working with them.

They try to get away from the pressure and if they can’t sometimes they panic.

That was the same emotion and feeling that was coming up for me in my body.

I was overwhelmed with the increase in heart rate and the horrible panic of being trapped. That is exactly how a horse responds in the same situation. Understanding what I was feeling and why was a real insight into the body and emotional responses of a horse.

Next time you are working with a horse remember that they are not that different than us on what we feel.

Be aware of how much pressure you are applying, and how much pressure is to much. Pull pressure off and allow your horse to work through the panic and come back to a neutral place when they have relaxed and are able to engage their brain again into what you are doing……then start over.


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