Cut horse bathing time in half! (With these 2 cheap tools)

Super Power Wash Horse Bathing Tools (from Walmart? Huh?)

It’s that time of year again when we get to take off those nasty winter blankets (ooooo) and get to work on finding our horses underneath all that dirt, & winter hair.

I am super particular about how I give baths so normally it takes me forever to get just the right amount of soap to give my horse a good scrubbing! I found a way to cut horse bathing time in half!

Problem Solved

While passing through the car wash section at Walmart I came across these 2 awesome items which have cut my time giving a horse a bath at least in half! And they were each under $4. Yes! Right in my budget!

First the multi pattern hose nozzle and car wash dispenser…

Just put your favorite shampoo in the dispenser (Tip: if your horse is super dirty use cheap shampoo, like Suave, or Antibacterial Dish Washing Soap). Before a show go for the good stuff like my personal favorite, Vetrolin Shine. Love that stuff!)

Use the setting for the smallest amount of soap to come out. One full container should do one side of your horse . If your horse has any fungus or his hair is thick, you can also fill the dispenser with half soap and half apple cider vinegar or even iodine (be careful with light colored horses with the iodine and don’t leave it on too long).

I like to spray soap into manes and tails and then scrub deep with straight soap. Rinse and then apply conditioner and let it sit while I scrub the rest of the body.

Second, the Lint & Pet Hair Removal Brush

Now, get to scrubbing.

Although I think this tool is meant for carpets in the car, it works awesome for deep scrubbing all over your horses body, soft enough for legs but stiff enough to scrub deep.

And the handle makes it easy to hold onto and reach down to the low spots.

Third, go back to the sprayer, switch the nozzle to water and rinse. Fourth, grab your sweat scraper to knock the water off. Fifth, if you’d like, spray with your favorite finishing spray, (avoid saddle pad and girth area), run a quick brush over to get the hair all laying flat and you are finished.

Summer TIP:

I also like to fill the dispenser up with straight apple cider vinegar when I rinse the horses after riding in the summer to help repel flies.

And there you have it! A super bath using super cheap tools, super fast! You can’t beat it!

What secrets do you have for spring cleaning your horse?

Scroll down and share it with us in the comments below!!

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