Day 4: PLAN

Today, you will look at the secrets of successfully breaking down your horse goals into action steps that get you off the
hamster wheel & into action.
Whether you want to ride or work with your horse more at home or show at the highest levels you don’t want to miss this class.
(As a bonus this works for any change you’d like to make in your life!)
Your challenge for today: Start to create your personal GOAL Blueprint for the year. (let go of perfect- just pencil in ideas)
If you are an Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner user…
your process could look like this…
  1. GOAL Blueprint Page
  2. ->”Annual Big Picture Page”
  3. ->then break that down for your “Monthly Strides master task list
  4. -> this gives you a list to pull from to keep you on track to put into your “Weekly Life Lists” (the left side of your weekly sheets)
  5. -> THEN pull it into your daily schedule

Can you see how you can do this to create more “flow” and keep you on track through the messy middle of creating your goals?

Here are your downloads for today…

Hint… there are tons of ideas of for filling out the worksheet above on pages 14-17, and also 26-40 in the .pdf below.

Slides: Day 4 Slides for notetaking

Let’s dive in deep in today’s video…


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