In Hand Trail with Lana Grieve

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In Hand Trail

with World Champion Trainer, Lana Grieve

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Create partnership with your horse on the ground like never before as you learn 18 natural, trust building exercises to enhance your experience under saddle.

Watch Lana demonstrate her exercises with World Champion mare, Only By Grace and watch green horse examples to gain a realistic viewpoint of how to master these exercises  with your horse.

Learn the secrets to mastering obstacles on the ground while communicating  with your horse using proven natural methods. Become proficient with innovative  training techniques designed to teach any level of horse and handler.

Whether you want a competitive obstacle horse or a confident, sure-footed trail horse, get ready to take your horsemanship on the ground to the next level of expertise.


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 DVD Training Outline…

2 disc DVD set

In-Hand Trail
1 hour 18 minutes

Stop & Look Exercise
Drilling Triangles
The Gate
Right Hand Gate
Spinning in the Box
Walking Over Bridge
Straight Backing
L Shape Back Thrus

Handler Footwork/Body Positioning

Natural Obstacle Groundwork 
1 hour 31 minutes

Walk Over Expression on the Line
Trot/Lope Overs on the Line
Figure 8 Exercise
Bridge on the Longe Line
Bridge Troubleshooting
Shoulder Placement Exercise
Side Passing on the Fence
Straight Side Passing

L Shape Side Passing



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