Close your eyes and DREAM.

Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations.

Dreams can appear while you sleep, while you day dream and as thoughts you live out

Why are Dreams so important?

Dreams inspire you, for dreams keep you growing forward. They keep you excited for the possibilities of what life could bring. You must keep your inspiration and excitement about life and dreams to keep moving forward. Life is all about inspiration, when you lived inspired it brings excitement and joy to see what each day will hold. That makes it easier to stay joyous in life.

Dreams fill you with the ability to experience something without living it. You feel the same emotions, same feelings and in a way get to live out your fantasies with the opportunity to wake up if it goes a direction you don’t like. Why not live your “real life” as you do in your dreams? Oh my, what a thought. You CAN live your dreams while you are awake. Chose to allow things to come to you as they are brought to you, make a decision and if it doesn’t go how you like just start over. You all know some really happy people who seem to always live for the moment, or live their dreams. You all can make your life your dreams.

To let go, abandon fear, and live in the moment just allowing life to bring you a decision, feel what feels right in that moment, and then live that. Knowing that you can always make another choice and always have options to feel better and stay in a place of joy…..that is living your dreams.


What dreams do you day dream about?

What dreams do you remember dreaming while you were asleep?


What dreams have lived in your life?

Take the challenge to make each day a little closer to making every moment and every decision about living the dream. We can all live our dreams, awake, with our eyes open.

I was going through an old box that held so many of my childhood things, and I came across about 10 notebooks that contained my writing from when I was younger. I use to love to write about my dreams. When I was a child, I use to write so many stories that had to do with my horse dreams. I would write about a girl, who would find the wild horse, the horse who was misunderstood, or that no one could handle. That girl would then friend that horse, magic would happen, and they would build an amazing relationship where they did things together that no one would think possible. At times, some of those stories sounded like fairy tales, with the things she and horse did together seeming unrealistic, and impossible.

I found a story “The Horse That Came From Heaven,” that I wrote when my grandmother passed away. It was about a little magic white pony who came to a little girl after her grandmother passed away. The magic of what they did together was what caught my attention. She would run out to the pasture, call her pony, and she would come running from across the pasture to meet her. She climbed the fence and jumped onto the ponies back and off they ran through the fields, woods, and had so many adventures. I was reminded of the dreams I had as a child, the dream of taming that wild horse, who would become a best friend, the freedom they would share together and how that horse would do anything for them.

I realized after reading all my stories that, I had created so much of those stories in my current my life, I had just become disconnected from the fairy tale magic I had in the stories. I realized that I have always held that desire in my heart and soul, and not even knowing that was what I was doing in my life, I tried to create that magical relationship with every horse I have ever worked with in my life.

I created my dreams in my life!!

I just didn’t even know I was doing it. That is what is so special about our dreams. When we have held that feeling and emotion in our heart when we are day dreaming, creating our stories, painting our pictures, or talking with people and sharing those dreams……we are creating a holding space for those in our heart. They are stored and held in this heart space…..even if we forget about them, our heart does not.

I am so joyful to think about how we can create are dreams in our life. I hope you can place those dreams and the emotions and feelings into your heart space.


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I’m Jen.

Most days you will find me with a coffee in one hand, hot pink manure pick in the other with my mind bubbling over dreaming up ways to help my horse girl sisters find their true selves & ride their best life every. single. day.


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