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To encourage everyone stuck at home, we’ve decided to pull back the curtain on this unique training Charlotte has been sharing in clinics every weekend all over the Southern United States.

The relationship you deeply want to be possible with your horse truly can be achieved.

Now you can go from a stressed, disconnected horse

to a soft, willing, happy connected horse.

Without force, without pressure.

While still maintaining peak performance at home or in the show ring.

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Even if you’ve had problems in the past, rethink everything, you thought was possible with your horse.

Charlotte’s 5 step blueprint is your step-by-step map to Teach you …

a method to teach your horse how to relax in stressful situations. That the best, safest & happiest place on earth is just to be with you!how to help your horse to feel safe instead of getting jacked up and afraid exercises to re balance & reset his mind & body to rewire him to be confidenta technique that creates a soft & supple horse, ready for an amazing partnership that elevates both the horse and rider to new heightshow you can at the same time you are using these techniques to help your horse you will be increasing your feel and timing, awareness & ability to truly read your horse

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“It is possible…”

“It is possible to come back as a human from fear and brokenness and fly again. And it is also possible for a horse to come back from a former life that might have been pretty rough…You can come back and rebalance his mind and his body just like they did me. And you can rewire him to be confident and wonderful and have this amazing partnership and relationship and elevate both of you.”  Charlotte Cannon

About Charlotte Cannon

Charlotte is a multiple World Champion Trainer and winner of the 2017 $100,000 Retired Racehorse TB Makeover Hunter Division with her OTTB Seeking Fame

Her students have also won 76 APHA Top Ten, World and Res World Championships in 10+ events the last 10 years alone. 

Charlotte had always had the dream of creating a system to develop horses and riders into a perfect partnership where both are more when they are together.

She has developed a combination of natural horsemanship and high performance horsemanship that has produced amazing results! Both herself & her students continue to excel without sacrificing themselves, their horses, their ethics or their principles.  

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