Day 2: Believe

Today on this wonderful day of resets and restarts, instead of diving into to do lists, let’s lay a firm foundation for success.

You can make all the resolutions & goals you want, but if you can’t believe, something is possible, it’s tough to keep going.

If you have done this exercise before, come with an open heart. And open mind. An intention of becoming the mad scientist of your life, determined to discover what is possible.

Today’s exercise is the “Equestrian Pathfinder Process: The One Page Plan That Makes Everything Possible”.

Give yourself the magical gift of taking the time to discover what you truly want, where you are today, uncover limiting beliefs that are holding you back, & make a clear plan… all on one page to make true progress
meaning you will have a different level of confidence & belief in yourself because you can see you have what it takes to do whatever it is you want to do.

I will be giving you lots more examples to help you break down your steps for column 3 coming up- and we will be LIVE tomorrow evening and I can help you then if you get stuck. So just keep going friend!

Need help? I’d love to hear from you! Email info@horsegirl.me & and we will get back with you asap 🙂

A clear plan for the rest of2020 is just a few hours away!

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