Breyerfest 2014 series – Part 2 – Customizing Horses

Customizing as an Art – Breyerfest 2014 series, Part 2

When I think of Breyerfest I think of the out of the box Breyer horses from my childhood. Things have sure changed over the years. Customizing Breyer horses has become an art and a business for some very talented artists.

Not only can you now get a custom made model of your own personal horse made for you by various artist, you can now also buy one of kind customs as well. I attended a workshop on customizing with my 11 year old daughter while at Breyerfest this year. Talent and artistry is the key to this amazing custom work. These new artists change the out of the box Breyer into a custom one of a kind. Custom changes include, tails, manes, leg position, ears, paint colors and markings. This is one talent that amazes me to watch a model transform through the process. The one of a kind versions draw a much higher price as well with all the work and time everyone puts into them.


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