Breyerfest 2014 – Horses of Breyerfest

The horses of Breyerfest 2014 – series 3 post 1 –

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Each year Breyerfest invites different horses to attend and perform at Breyerfest.

Some of these horses are featured models and some are performers.

This year’s lineup was full of amazing stars and horses from different backgrounds.

It is amazing to see the variety of horses in the Breyer models as well as their performers.

It continues to show how diverse the horse world is, and how there is a breed or type of horse/pony out there for everyone.

The Celebration horse for this year’s 2014 Breyerfest was part of what I saw as the Friesian line up. Each year Breyerfest decides on one horse to make the Breyerfest horse of the year and be the Breyer model for that year’s Breyerfest. This year was an amazing Friesian stallion that wowed the crowd in his performances as well as in his beautiful horse this year. Gooitzen Fan Teaksyl holds 15 world championships as well as the wow factor.

Along with one beautiful Friesian stallion, the performance of ‘Behind The Mask’, had four beautiful Friesian’s and their incredible performance that proved to be my favorite for the fest. The grace and movement stands out and catches the eye of the crowd, which I believe is what made the Friesian performances a crowd pleaser. The horses drew you in with their magic and the performances were so breathtaking.


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