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Let’s get started.ed!

[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]While you are waiting for your dvd to arrive by mail, we might as well get started!

The video below is the exact same video that will be on the dvd
so you can start watching and working with your horse today!

Below the video are some bonus lessons that would not fit onto the dvd but that we feel are important for you to have (we could only fit 2 hours of training on the dvd itself).

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. ~ Goethe

I agree with Goethe on this! Don’t you?

So let’s begin… (if you don’t have time to watch this right this minute, put it in your schedule to watch, but don’t put it off, your dreams and your horse are waiting on you)

REMEMBER: Use common sense!
Be aware of your abilities, get help when you need it & put safety first. As western trained riders, we did not wear helmets in this video, but please be sure that YOU wear one if you are inexperienced or are on a new horse.

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Video Table of Contents…

Overview 7 Tips To Become Confident In Handling & Riding Your Horse

Develop Your Horse Sense

Groundwork & Connection
Groundwork The Foundation of Success With Your Horse
Safety Zones
Raise Your Level of Awareness
Your Body Position When Leading
Leading 101
Use Your Body To Sensitize Your Horse
Types of Halters
Simon Says

Lunging For Partnership: Begin With The End In Mind
Lunging For Partnership: Working With The Older Green Horse
Drivin’ Miss Gracie: Use Line Driving To Gain Respect On The Ground
Desensitizing The Older Horse
Desensitizing The Green Horse

Equipment Check

Proper Mounting

Control Your Horse’s Body
Whoa On The Ground
Whoa Under Saddle
Move Forward
Lateral Flexion
The Importance of Backing
Beginning Hip Control For The Green Horse
Shoulder Control
Sidepassing Method #1
Sidepassing Method #2[/text_block]

Bonus Lessons…

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BEcome A Better Rider By Improving Your Balance, Coordination & Strength

Build Unbreakable Confidence by being in proper position with your seat, hands and legs while riding.

(videos expand to view when you click on them)


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Daily Workouts

Here are a few examples of combining all the fundamental exercises you learned from learning to Control Your Horse’s Body into your daily ride…[/text_block]

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