2019 Bliss-iplines Challenge Member Signup

“Consistency in life & horsemanship gives you mental & physical strength that creates confidence in everything you do!”

For the next 21 days, let’s work together to incorporate
and weave into our days s
mall but mighty changes
that will change the course of our confidence
with our horses (& our lives)!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Things we can do TODAY despite the weather,
no matter how jam packed your schedule is!

No excuses.  no matter where you are in your horsemanship,
or how bad the weather you can participate.

How The Challenge Works:

  • Download the Worksheet & Guides
  • Determine your milestone goals
  • Use the Challenge Tracker Worksheet to track your progress

What you will get:

  • Weekly Meet Up Coaching & Checkins (Monday) 
  • Challenge Tracker Worksheet
  • Horse Girl Follow Your Bliss: Steps To Creating Your Best Life 1 Habit At A Time Guide (to provide you with specific exercises)
  • Accountability to reach your goals. Don’t put this off!

Change is in the air and we are so excited to be a part of this with you!

The Challenge Champion will be determined like an All Around High Point Award at a horse show.

Blissiplines Challenge Champion will receive:

  • Customized Molly’s Silver Belt Buckle

With additional prizes awarded during the challenge!

This is important and life changing.

Let’s get started. [/text_block]

The round of the challenge we have decided to have a pay what you can option to help pay for prizes and maintenance of the challenge. So it means just that pay what you can or pay what you feel is fair ?

So if money is tight just leave it blank, but don’t let that stop you from participating!!

I am also collecting addresses so I have them to send prizes!

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