Horse Girl Bliss-ipline Challenge Details

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Going through this time of uncertainty, this may be our most important challenge to date. Let’s bring out the best in ourselves to bring out the shine in the world! Together we CAN make a difference! [/text_block]
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This challenge is designed to give you momentum
to reach your goal & dreams,
plus give you a quantum leap to boosting your confidence off the charts!

Breaking through and blazing trails,
not only with your horse,
but with your life!

For the next 21 days let’s work together
to incorporate and weave into our days s
but mighty changes that will change
the course of our confidence with our horses & our lives.

You build strength by repetition,
doing the same things every day,
until they becomes a part of your life.

This “Go Find Her” Bliss-ipline Challenge will run July 6th to July 26th

Turn in sheets by July 28th midnight,
Champion to be announced July 29th

Your challenge if you so dare to accept it is make into a habit, healthy rituals or disciplines that make us feel great & at our best & to measure your progress.[/text_block]

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Horse Girl Challenge T-Shirt

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How The Challenge Works:

  1. Watch the Quick Start Video & determine your milestones. Need help! Just ask! Message me Jen Rohlen 
  2. Download the Worksheet & Guides below.
  3. Use the Challenge Tracker Worksheet to track your progress.
  4. Meet me Monday evenings at 8 pm eastern live in our Facebook Group (no problem to watch the replay!)

You can do this…

These are things you do anyway everyday,
so it won’t take much extra time,
and it makes you feel soooo gooooood
to see & feel your progress!

Watch your email…
for extra motivation & reminders

Let’s Do This!!!!!

Use the Challenge Tracker Worksheet &
if you have one, your Equestrian Planner
to track everyday how much time
you spend working on your choice of activities.

At the end of the challenge you will be given a link to a form to quickly & easily submit your completion results!

The Challenge Champion will be determined like an All Around High Point Award at a horse show, watch this quick video for details…[/text_block]

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The Horse Girl Bliss-iplines Challenge Champion will receive… 

  • a customized Molly’s Silver Belt Buckle

With additional prizes awarded during the challenge![/text_block]

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The Nitty Gritty Details…

Leader Board will be updated weekly and small prizes awarded to weekly Leader 

Points will be submitted weekly by challengers on Mondays in a  post pinned to the top in Horses-U Practical Solutions For Extraordinary Horsemanship Facebook group- this is totally on the Cowgirl Honor System, honesty is a must… this will be our leader Board, where we can celebrate our wins with each other.

It is not required that you participate in the weekly posts.

We will announce weekly Leaders at our Monday Masterclasses

The challenge can be joined at any point, to be eligible for weekly prizes, BUT you must sign up through the sign up page so we have your information


There are 5 ways to earn points:

  1.  1 point for each daily blissipline completed (for a possible 8 daily points daily=8×7 days = 56 possible for the week / 56 weekly x 3 weeks = 168 possible for challenge)
  2. 1 point for each hour of horse related activity with a max of 10 points per week  (max of 10 points/week x 3 weeks = 30 points for entire challenge)
  3. 1 point for attending each live Monday Masterclass or watching replay- (3 points possible for the challenge)
  4. 1 point for posting your progress in our Practical Solutions For Extraordinary Horsemanship FaceBook group (limit 1 point a day 1 point x 21 days= 21 possible points)
  5. 10 points for each predetermined milestone reached for a possible 50 bonus points! List up to 7 to start out with so you are giving yourself a lot of paths to success, but note bonus caps at 50 points (take a screen shot of this list on your phone when you start challenge) PLEASE CHALLENGE YOURSELF with your milestones!!

⭐⭐To make sure the Challenge is fair, on the Monday following the challenge, please post your tracker sheets with a total points tallied and circled with a clear picture to Jen Rohlen-Barker in a private Face Book Message so that I may have an the sheets together in one place.

?Champion will be announced the Wednesday following the Challenge?[/text_block]

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Step 1

If you have not already,
signed up for Challenge.
sign up here


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Step 3

Scroll Down and download the Bliss-tuals Challenge Worksheet and Materials And Get To It!



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Step 4

Starting on the Monday following the end of the Challenge deadline by Tuesday following the Challenge by midnight eastern time, submit your results by sending a private message to Jen Rohlen-Barker with the total circled in a clear snapshot of the entire sheet. Please do not post this openly in the group in an effort to keep things fair, I will also email reminders ?




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