Yay friend! You are in!

The Summer/Fall Session of the Back In The Saddle Challenge OFFICIALLY kicks off on Monday, August 21st!

The way it works is…every morning at 7 am central you will receive an email to quick video lesson & assignment for the day.

After you complete the lesson find the post for that day in the Challenge Facebook™ Group & report your ah-ha moments to be eligible for prizes to be drawn at the end of the week!

I will jump into the Challenge Facebook™ Group each day to check the posts and answer any questions and help you if you get stuck.

At the end of the 5 Days you will be inspired, have a new mindset, and most importantly you will have created the ultimate P.R.E.P.: Pre-Ride Extraordinary Program to create a calm, willing horse that will keep you safe in & out of the saddle.
The challenge is super beneficial to any riding discipline, level, and breed, whether you show or not, as we are working on ourselves as equestrians.

(If you miss a lesson, again DO NOT stress! You will have a chance to catch up on Friday)
Before we start there are a few things I need you to do real quick, (should only take a couple of minutes, I know you are busy).

1. Head over to Facebook™ and click here to join the challenge group on Facebook™ where we’ll be hosting the daily live training plus offer extra support and accountability. THE DOORS WILL OPEN TO THE GROUP ON SATURDAY, August 19TH, I will send an email reminder 😉

2. Your FIRST assignment is to find an accountability buddy (if you’d like)
and share this challenge with them >>share this link with your friends… BackInTheSaddleChallenge.com
this is something fun and eye-opening to do with a friend, you can also find
a “buddy” within the group, but not necessary if you are a go-it alone kinda gal.
3. Watch for all the challenge details when we open the group Saturday but the challenge begins on Monday March 20th 😉

4. Send us a quick note to info@horsegirl.me on what you would like to achieve with your horse and your biggest struggles. We read each and every email that comes through
5. GET EXCITED! This is going to be an adventure!
We can’t wait to start this challenge to help you feel confident and inspired to ride through the rest of 2023 strong!

We’ll See You in your email inbox Monday at 7 am central/8 am eastern!

Much love,
Jenny & My Team… Hippo, Gracie, Charlie, Raven, Ryan & Will


P.S. Anything that we 100% MUST cover in this challenge? Just email info@horsegirl.m and leave us a little note – we read each and every email that comes through!

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