Be the Better Rider Your Horse Needs You To Be

Your horse needs you to be a better rider.


What?! We spend a lot of time focusing on making our horse better – a better partner, better condition, better competitively. What about YOU, the rider?

This article takes a look at what you can do to be a better rider for your horse. So take a deep breath and read on. Sometimes we have to hear the harder truths to motivate and push us.
Confidence and improving your riding share the same foundation …..

you must become stronger as a rider to gain confidence and improve your riding.


Ask yourself these Hard Truth Questions right now, and be honest!


(Note: it’s not about judging yourself or being critical, it’s about assessing your situation)

Are you as physically strong as you want to be?

Do you need to be physically stronger to ride your horse more successfully?

Does your horse need you to be stronger and more balanced?


Why are we asking you these Hard Truth Questions?

To be confident you must know you are strong enough to ride your horse and keep your balance if things do not go perfect.

Physical strength and physical stamina make us better riders.

I am not saying you have to be in the very best shape you can possibly be in.

I am not talking about weight and body image.

I believe that any person can ride!


Your physical strength and stamina determines a couple things:


the level of rider you are and can be, and

the effectiveness you have as a rider.

Different horses in different disciplines and at different levels require more physical strength from their rider.

For example, the higher levels you work up to in Western or Classical Dressage, the more core and body strength you are going to have to have to ride effectively.

A young horse just learning needs you to be as balanced as possible to help them.

I am NOT saying ask yourself to get hard or down on yourself!!

Ask yourself these questions to motivate yourself to want to be physically stronger for your horse!

We ask our horses to be athletes,

work hard,


be in top physical shape,

carry us a particular way,

do maneuvers successfully that we ask.


The bottom line is: the level of athlete you are asking your horse to be…. you need to be.


The higher level of training, competition and athleticism you are asking for your horse, you need to meet as well.

I am not saying you need to be at the gym with a personal trainer 6 days a week to match your horses full training regiment with the trainer.

I am saying you need to put your time in to be physically able to be there for your horse since that is what you expect of them.

Your horse will shift for you if you can meet them where they are.

Be determined!

Motivate Yourself!

Use this Hard Truth article to light your fire to think of you and your horse as a TEAM!

You need to be just as committed as you are asking your horse to be.

Not to mention, by becoming the better rider your horse needs you to be:


Confidence while you are riding comes from confidence in yourself.


That means knowing you have the strength and balance to stay with your horse if something comes up or doesn’t go right.


The physically stronger you feel, the more Confident you are!!!!


We focus on Building Balance, Co-Ordination and Strength as a rider in our Confident Equestrian Course.

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