Bachelor Mustang Stallion Helps Orphaned Foal.

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY is a day to feel inspired, it is the beginning of a new week that is full of new life.

Horse’s continue to amaze me. People think they can figure out how horses think and how they will behave.

This is a perfect example of how we never know what to expect when it comes to emotions, vulnerability and connection.

To believe that anyone can predict how a horse will behave 100 percent of time, will be proven wrong.

I came across this inspirational story. I felt compelled to share with everyone. The Sand Wash Basin is an amazing area filled with wild horses.

A small foal named Ruby was orphaned after she accidentally rolled under a fence and could not get back to her herd. They moved on without her, and at 6 weeks old she was left all alone.

That is not safe for so many reasons! Stallions will kill foals that they come across that are not there own.

But this story is one of amazement, inspiration, emotion and against all odds.

Ruby is now watched over by Coal, one of the loan stallions in the area.

They have formed a connection and bond that is not usual in the wild.

It goes to show that no one has to behave how circumstances, or society dictates.

The photo above was taken September 7th, showing how great this little foal is doing now.

This story inspired me to remember that horses are emotional and heartfelt.

They connect from a place of heart and energy. To build that type of relationship with our horses, we must approach them from that same place.

Intention, heart and energy is how they create relationships and work together.

If you want to follow her entire story at Sand Wash Basin and learn more about these incredible wild animals.


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