Let’s Take It To The Next Level…

Harmony At Liberty: Step 2

Building a stronger bond, advancing skills and getting to have fun with some cool tricks. 

Advancing liberty takes you from Level 1-2 that you learned in Harmony at Liberty up through Level 3-5 liberty in the Harmony Horsemanship Student Levels. 

This course is only available to those that have completed Harmony at Liberty, the Step by Step Guide using no tools.

Advanced Harmony at Liberty will build on the same principles and exercises taught in the first course, so it is important that participants have established with their horses: 


The 8 ABCs




Spin Gos




S Pattern

Harmony At Liberty: Step 2

The goal for this course is to advance your partnership and your liberty so you can achieve at liberty:


Liberty from the Harmony Horsemanship Student levels 3, 4 and 5 




Back up circles


Sideways towards you


Sending your horse to different targets


Trot and canter


Transitions at a distance


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Here’s how this course will work…

  1. Sign up through the link below
  2. Class starts Monday August 31st
  3. Login for week 1 lessons
  4. Week 2 Lindsey will offer you a challenge using the lessons you learned in week 1 to submit to her for feedback via video if you’d like (woo hoooo!)
  5. This will repeat with a lesson one week then a challenge the next week for the full 12 weeks of the course!
  6. ?s email info@harmonyhorsemanship.ca and we will be glad to help

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Regular price $347 One Time Introductory Special Pricing Only $197!

Yep, just $197 lifetime access, video feedback and all.

You will have lifetime access to all the training…but will need to submit videos for feedback during the 12 week class session

Advanced Liberty will run 4 times a year, concurrent with the Harmony at Liberty

This offer is only for Harmony At Liberty 1 Students

Please note: There are no refunds offered at this deeply discounted rate

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