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We love the cowgirl spirit…


English, Western we equestrians can all relate to the cowgirl.


The grit, passion and never give up attitude.

The heart and soul for a horse.

The unspoken sisterhood  fellow horsewomen.

Come hell or high water, they fought for what they believed in. (We can thank them that it is socially acceptable to ride with both leg astride your horse among many other things).

They balanced taking care of their homes and their kids & animals, did their laundry and dishes without the help of modern convenience and to top it of their were amazing equestrians.

Sound like true heroes to me.


Horses-U was created out of an intense desire to make our equestrian lives work and to help others achieve their dreams…


Horses-U is what we believe to be the ultimate equestrian goal achievement and horse training program designed exclusively for women.

It is our dream to share what we have learned along the way as students of this life, and students of horsemanship in hopes to give you shortcuts to help you get to where you want to be faster and easier.

The program was developed out of trial and error, ups and downs, wins and losses.

And finally finding things that work!

And although it’s never perfect, we know, if we can do this you can do this!

We believe and have learned that it is not just one ride that makes horse life so fantastic and such a wild adventure but the whole journey.


The lessons learned.

The faith built.

The friendships made.

Besides, it’s a heck of a lot easier and much more fun to climb a mountain and to tackle your fears and challenges together then to find your way alone.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]never give up-horses-u300x300I have found a dear friend, a soul sister in Kristin.

Our whole lives we have dreamed of horses.

We have a bit of an obsession really.

I remembered taking notes when the farrier came when I was about 8.

And in my little girl diaries, I wrote about riding & horses, not much else.

When I met Kristin, her story was just like mine.

Years and years of studying and watching others, trial and error.

Learning what worked and didn’t work. Trying to help others with the same passion.



Striving to connect.

Experiencing an almost indescribable almost euphoric feeling when we discovered how to connect with our horses.

When Kristin and I got together, our dreams and vision got bigger, way bigger.

jen has a dreamWe dreamed of helping horses everywhere to be understood more by the women who loved them, and in return the horses understanding their owners in a different way.

We dreamed of horse listening, not just whispering.

Where magic & miracles happen through connection and the sheer power of partnership.

Inspired horsemanship.

Where we connect and inspire our horses to want to be with us.

We dreamed of a posse of women, just like us, that together with all our experiences combined, we would be unstoppable.

Horses change lives for horse girls like us, and through them miracles can happen.

We knew we had work to do but we didn’t know how much, nor the uncharted territory we were going into.

That was the end of 2012. Those who know us, or have followed us online know our dream hasn’t been the easiest.

You see we know how to train horses AND we have become (not to boast, but really we are)  great at helping women overcome fears and obstacles with their horses,


building a website like we saw in our visions, with step by step courses, tons of information, an interactive support community area, a place for pictures and videos where we could really dive in and coach and help people and all the bells and whistles, something extraordinary and different, well that was a different story.

Giving up just hasn’t been an option. BIG dreams require you so stick to it even when it’s not easy.

We have had virus in our server, been led astray by many, worked late, went back to the drawing board  again and again, got bucked off the project, got back on, (got ripped off more than once), spent every dollar we could make from giving riding lessons & training, ok  we even cried sometimes and guess what?

Finally!! We got the bugs out.

And I am not going to say it is finished because it will always be a work in progress.

But I will say a firm foundation has been laid. And we are ready for a barn raising.

So now the next obstacle! How do we let you know we really can help you with your horse, who we are and what we stand for?

Why should you and why would you listen to, none the less saddle up and ride with 2 girls in Georgia you have never even heard of?

We have dedicated our last 3 years, betting that you will give us a chance.

You see even though we have probably never met, you are a part of the dream.

We want to invite you to sit in on some of our favorite training, things that we know can make a big difference in connecting with your horse.

So join us in our adventure!

Following your passion for horses is important.

We believe with all our hearts, that how you feel inside effects your ability to achieve your goals with your horse.

And not only that, achieving your goals and living a life that inspires and motivates you makes you, well, more inspirational!  And by being more inspirational, we can change not only our lives & those around us but impact the world!


Thank you for being here! We can’t wait to get to know you better!

Much Love,

Kristin & Jenny[/text_block]

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