Hi, I’m Jenny!

I am here to help you have an extraordinary friendship & partnership with your horse.

Transforming your whole life through the process


Why should you trust me…

I helps 100s of equestrian women, (just like you) to make time for what they love… to build the confidence & skills to train their own safe, connected, willing heart horses…

I am a 2-Time World Champion, the creator of the Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner, HorseGirl.me, The Extraordinary Horsemanship: Heart Equation Formula…

The co-creator of TheHorseTrainingChannel.com, and the creative partner for Charlotte Cannon for The Cannon Method.

But none of this is why you should trust me.

My dirty little secrets, & how they can help you.

This is hard and embarrassing to share, but you need to know the whole truth. 
 Unless you know where I started, you won’t understand how I can help you.


I know what it is like to struggle with my horse (& in life!)


I know what is like to want so badly to connect with my horse and not know how.


I know what it is like for my horse to take advantage of me (spin around and buck me off).


I know what it is like follow training methods that did not feel right to me but I thought that was what I was supposed to do.


I know what it is like to have huge goals to ride and show at high levels but just not know how to get there.


I know what it is like to be terrified trail riding. 


Heck, I know what it is like to be terrified of a horse on the ground.


I know what it is like to overcome bodily injury from an accident (I was hit by a car going 60 mph on a bicycle when I was a kid)


Heck, I know what it is like to be terrified of a horse on the ground.


I know what it is like to overcome bodily injury from an accident (I was hit by a car going 60 mph on a bicycle when I was a kid)


Heck, I know what it is like to be terrified of a horse on the ground.


I know what it is like to overcome bodily injury from an accident (I was hit by a car going 60 mph on a bicycle when I was a kid)


I know what it is like to have such bad anxiety, I could hardly get out of the driveway, non the less finish my pattern confidently at the horse show.


I know what it is like to have depression so bad I couldn’t get out of bed for 6 months.


I know what it is like to have life stuff happen out of your control, where you have no time to ride or follow your own dreams and goals.


I know what it is like for riding and training horses to be sooo easy when I was young and then to start back after having kids and not knowing what the heck to do.


I know what it is like for rhythm and timing to not come naturally to me.


I know what it is like to have a huge dream with my horse, but let her sit, untrained because I was afraid, I wouldn’t train her “right” or “mess her up”.


I know what it feels like to have the voices in my head screaming that I am a failure, I am not “good enough” or as good as others, or I will never fit in, that I am ugly fat or stupid, only to realize the horrible voice was my own.


I know what is like to stand on the rail watching other riders and wishing I was as good as they are, paralyzed by comparing myself to others.

Why am I telling you this?

What does it have to do with you and your horse?

Because I have learned the keys to get to the other side of all those struggles…

As I learned to transform my relationship with my horses, my life started to change too.

Made big crazy goals and have started one by one seeing them happen.

I traveled to France to study with the amazing, Frederick Pignon and Magali Delgado the original creators of Cavalia.

And then attended a clinic with them in North Carolina,
the following summer.

I am closer than ever to my family.

My marriage has been restored.

I have tools to battle my depression and anxiety, and it is no longer who I am, nor does it have a hold on me.

I get to work with the amazing, Charlotte Cannon who are changing the world for horses in ways we only dreamed were possible.

And as it relates to horses, (which is why we are here!) I feel I have a love story with each of the 6 of my horses,

I have a sense of confidence with each of them, although they are each so different.  There is no such thing as perfect but there is so much “try” in each of them.

And when I get a big, hairy audacious goal, that is out of my realm of expertise, like showing in a new event, or chasing a cow, I know my horse will be there for me.

And when I feel unsure, I know when to ask for help and there is nothing wrong with that.

And I get to be friends with extraordinary people like you.

Two More Things I need You To know


I believe in you, I know you by your heart, we have the same HorseGirl DNA and I know you can do anything you set out to do.


I believe in the power of horses to change our lives, no matter what level we are at, every day is a new adventure being with our horses when we allow it to be

My little herd…







Random Things about me…

wat cha say babe

The first horse I trained  I was trained by…as a kid was named Wat Cha Say Babe. She is & was my greatest teacher & saved my life in many ways.

things I love

I love God, my family, talking about horses, horse friends, riding horses, sparkly things, horse shows, corny jokes, popcorn & BLT sandwiches, & barn swallows. In that order.

My most favorite things of all.

Chelsie & Casey. My grown up babies.

Small town girl.

I’m a tried and true Southern girl, but I was born in Illinois!
And just moved home to my Grandparent’s farm in summer 2020 after being in Georgia for 21 years.

My jam.

I like country & Christian music, but I am not going to lie, you can hear me driving a quarter  mile away jamming out to AC/DC Thunderstruck in my truck.


The early bird gets the worm.

I have aspired all my to be a morning person, but I am a night owl.

Coffee is my extreme weakness.

Bulletproof please heavy on the cream.

I owned a video production company for many years.

First Big Horse Production Project: “The Hottest Pleasure Stallions” (in 1998)

Behind the scenes

 I am the co-creator of “The Horse Training Channel” & the producer for “The Cannon Method” & Harmony Horsemanship


My roots.

My Grandfather trained horses in the Cavalry in World War II, I got my love of horses from him. Grandma ran a Sr. Citizens tour bus, I got my love of helping others & telling corny jokes from watching her make everyone laugh on the bus microphone. 


I am a nerd.

I’m an entrepreneurial course junkie & when I am not talking about horses, I am probably talking about marketing.


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