Horses Changed Our Lives. Let’s Band Together To Change Theirs.

We are here to remind you that you and your horse are created to shine

Empowering you to be all you can be.

Our Vision For Horse Girl

To bring softer, gentler, more respectful horse training methods to the world, that ultimately make the world a better place for horses & the women who love them.

To help you accomplish any dream or goal you have with your horse. After all, horse goals are not about the horse, but becoming our best selves & living a life we love.

To give you an understanding with a step by step plan to help you create a willing, safe, trusted partnership with your horse

To empower you with the confidence  and to help you
to believe that you can accomplish any goals

To inspire you with projects & exercises that you can d.i.y.

To give you the tools you need to create the time to ride, & do what you love.

The Horse Girl Mission

The mission of HorseGirl.me is to help women to experience & celebrate the equestrian life and to make the world a better place for horses.

We help women to gain confidence, create a willing, trusted relationship with their horse and make the time to do what they love.

We do this by striving to provide the best information, courses, products, services & community we possibly can in our three pillars of horsemanship. Personal Growth. Extraordinary Horsemanship. Life Management.

The HG Manifesto


Is the woman inside us who purposefully puts the extra in ordinary life & horsemanship to become an extraordinary equestrian.


Has the lead mare mindset to never compromise who she is or what she stands for. She is grounded and unwavering. Present. She follows her heart, letting her love and passion for horses direct her choices.


Puts her horse first, over any competition or training method. She loves to win, but not at the expense of her horse’s well being. She is her horse’s coach and guide, never a dictator, always giving her horse a voice and a choice. She is a horse listener.


Does small things with great love, striving for progress not perfection. She puts her emphasis on the journey.


Projects strength, confidence, and an unbreakable trust in herself, her horse & her faith. She uses naysayers and the voice of doubt to push her forward. Any fear that creeps in she quickly pushes aside.


Believes problems are meant to be solved, accepting that at times the trail may get rough. She has endless courage to hold her ground no matter what obstacles she faces.


Is always humble and kind, letting her actions speak for her. She is loving and patient, but firm & clear in her boundaries. She takes care of herself in order to take care of others.


Knows there is no such thing as losing, she either wins or she learns. She is courageous and tries new things. She learns from mistakes. She is accepting of things she cannot change and takes action on things she can change. She does her best each day, and she knows that she is enough.


Is the type of leader that others want to follow. She is a loyal and empathetic friend, ready to lend a hand or be a listening ear. She knows the power of a positive mindset, and she spreads positive energy and encouragement everywhere she goes.


Has a clear vision and a plan, she takes action to take control of her life with a consistent, unshakable commitment to her purpose.

A Horse Girl and her horse shine & spread that shine everywhere they go. She loves big, lives big, gives big, believes big, as she dreams & rides fearlessly.

A Horse Girl and her horse shine & spread that shine everywhere they go. She loves big, lives big, gives big, believes big, as she dreams & rides fearlessly.

Free HG Manifesto & Empowerment Statement Mini Posters

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Kind Words From Successful Students

“I cannot say enough good things about Horse Girl!! This program is a godsend for me!! They can relate to everything a horse owner goes through and can help each person find confidence and the ability to connect with their horses.

They inspire success, understanding, and passion for the horse relationship, and I appreciate their assistance in planning and working the plan.

They are always very welcoming even though they manage so many things on a personal and business level, always ready to give help and feedback. The group feels like family to me, and I consider it a joy and privilege to be part of this group. I would recommend Horse Girl to anyone!”

Teri H.


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