About Charlotte Cannon


We are so proud at HorseGirl.me for our partnership with Charlotte Cannon and to practice The Cannon Method to teach our horses ultimate relaxation & confidence as we inspire them to WANT to be with us.

That if you could actively teach your horse that when he feels stressed to go to relaxation instead of getting jacked up and afraid?

That the best, safest & happiest place on earth was just to be with you!

Think it sounds to good to be true?

We are so happy to share with you this life changing course with multiple World Champion Trainer & $100,000 Retired Racehorse TB Makeover Champion, Charlotte Cannon.

Prepare to rethink, pretty much everything you thought was possible with your horse…

The Path To Discovery

Watch the inspiring, healing journey of Charlotte Cannon, that led her down to path of discovering an entirely different way of bonding with & training our horses.

“It is possible to come back as a human from fear and brokenness and fly again. And it is also possible for a horse to come back from a former life that might have been pretty rough.  You can come back and re-balance, his mind and his body, just like they did me. And you can rewire him to be confident and wonderful and have this amazing partnership and elevate both of you”

Charlotte Cannon

Charlotte Cannon grew up in VA Horse Country riding, training and showing hunters, foxhunters and racehorses.

An avid horse person from the youngest age, she was riding and starting ponies for others at the age of 10, and moved away from home at 15 to pursue her dreams of riding, showing and selling fancy hunters and jumpers, living with the family she worked for in Middleburg VA.

In 1989 she moved south to the Carolinas and started playing with stock horses as well as her beloved hunters. She grew a large teaching and training program and called her place, Fox Point Farm.

Living her dreams, and helping horses and their humans live theirs too, has been her life’s passion. Finding better and easier ways to communicate, so the tiniest children and the most troubled horses can find success, is her life’s work. When she was introduced to ‘Natural Horsemanship’ in 1992, she vowed to connect its concepts to help more horses and humans achieve higher goals than ever dreamed possible.

She found amazing success herself on multiple big stages in multiple disciplines, personally winning numerous prestigious awards including the Master’s Class at the Washington International Horse Show, 6 APHA World Championships and, most recently, the Show Hunter Championship at the $100k TB Makeover. Her students have followed in her footsteps winning multiple World Championship titles and over 70 Top Tens themselves.

Today Charlotte travels showing, training and teaching her Cannon Method to sold-out clinics all over the US. Her unique combination of relaxation, confidence building, and optimization techniques, combined with the scientific research and knowledge to explain why they work, make her the leader of horseman from all disciplines for the future.

There is nobody else out there today using and teaching these revolutionary ideas that have proven to rewire the brain’s response to stress, release entrapped trauma, abuse and fear, and rebalance the body and optimize each individual, horse and human, for success.

Learn More About The Cannon Method and How It Can Transform Yours & Your Horse’s Life.

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