5 Tips To Losing Weight With Horses – and It’s Fun!

We all want to be healthier.
We all want to be in great shape.
Finding the time & motivation to get to the gym can be tough.

Here are 5 Tips that you can use at the barn, while you are with your horse, or as motivation to find a barn near you.


Tip 1 – Only Drink Water At The Barn

Tell yourself that while you are at the barn you will only drink water.

Make sure to bring plenty of water with you.

This is a healthy commitment plus, if you are sweating, you need to re-hydrate.

I have found that instead of saying “I am only going to drink water from now on”, which can feel restricting, I can set the intention to only drink water at the barn and not feel restriction.

Start with setting the intention that barn time will be healthy time.

Tip 2 – Clean Some Stalls

Even if you have a limited time window that you can spend at the barn, you can find the time to clean one or two stalls.

Use this as a time to focus on moving with a purpose, so no slow stall cleaning or relaxing.

Use this time to focus on moving, keeping your energy and your pace up.

Squat as you lift with your pick, and focus on each muscle group you are using as you pick and dump your wheel barrow.

Try to keep a good active pace and your feet moving the entire time.

Tip 3- Go For A Walk With Your Horse

If you don’t have the time to ride, or the weather is not great….

go for a brisk walk with your horse.

You can do this around the farm, around the arena, around the barn or down the driveway.

This not only gives you physical activity but it helps you to spend some bonding time with your horse.

This helps to break up your routine together and gets you out and walking with your horse.

Tip 4 – Groom With A Purpose

Grooming is good for keeping your horse looking great, producing a nice coat and keeping your horse’s circulation going strong.

Incorporate grooming into your workout routine at the barn.

You will be surprised at the arm workout you get from currying hard on both sides of your horses body.

Make sure to start at the top of the neck and use a small circular motion with your curry comb.

Your arms will feel it for it sure.

Tip 5 – 5 Minute Intervals While Riding

You can do a couple intervals at the beginning of your ride and couple at the end. Here are some ideas –

Stand in your stirrups at the walk
Stand in your stirrups at the trot
Walk with no stirrups with your legs in correct position
Post or stand at the walk with no stirrups
At the halt pull your legs up so knee is even with the horn/or front of your saddle (use your hip muscles) and then back down.
Pull legs straight off your horse out wide and then slowly and softly close
These are just a couple ideas to get you started.

I am not saying push yourself for your entire ride.

Build up to the length of time you do a focused interval while riding.

Start with a minute and then gradually work up to 5 minute intervals.

In Conclusion

Horses can be our biggest inspiration and motivation for getting stronger and in better shape.

Make the barn and your horses part of your weight loss and strength routine. Have fun!


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I’m Jen.

Most days you will find me with a coffee in one hand, hot pink manure pick in the other with my mind bubbling over dreaming up ways to help my horse girl sisters find their true selves & ride their best life every. single. day.


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