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Day 1: The One Page Plan
That Makes Everything Possible…
 a powerful exercise that will reignite your dreams and passion, uncover your limiting beliefs, AND create a step by step plan (ALL on one page)

Day 2: The Power of Present Connection to transform & deepen your horsemanship & life

Day 3: Shaking Fear/Anxiety
Seeing as “Everything You Have Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side of Fear”, in this challenge we will give you a foolproof strategy to get started “bomb proofing” yourself as a rider & in life

Day 4: Helping Your Horse Shake Fear & Anxiety Yesterday we created a “Relax Cue” for us,
Today we will create a “Relax Cue for our horses!

Day 5: Horsemanship Blueprint…A Step By Step Plan To Get Safely Back In The Saddle with trust in yourself, trust in your horse, connection and fun!

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The Equestrian Confidence Cure

Do you just want to ride or do groundwork with your horse feeling safe & connected without feeling afraid, anxiety or the million “what if this or that happens” questions running through your head? 

A clear plan for the rest of2020 is just a few hours away!

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