We are on a mission to
revolutionize horse training through relationship & partnership…

not only to connect with our horses but to the deepest parts of ourselves.

“Just one week and I feel like I have a new horse. I cannot even describe how I’m feeling.”

-H. Queen-

Raise your hand if…

(I have had mine up plenty of times)

You’ve gotten hurt and now you feel afraid, and worse you can’t seem to get past it

You’ve tried several different horsemanship methods and nothing feels right to you and you are so worried your horse will get hurt

You have big show goals, and you want to be competitive, but not at the expense of your relationship with your horse

You’ve started & stopped & then started & stopped with the best of intentions to work on your horse & life goals… You get off to a good start – but it doesn’t stick- only to lose motivation and get stuck feeling defeated 

There is a better way.

I have been horse-crazy all my life… and ridden since I was a little kid, but after having my kids as a young adult my confidence changed.

Then after turning 50 it changed again.

Everything that was so easy with horses when I was young, was not so easy later in life.

I still loved working with my horses but I got rattled at little things, knowing I couldn’t afford to get hurt… I could write a book on alllll the things I would think of that could go wrong.

Something had to change. And giving up my horses was not & never will be an option for me.



So I have spent the last 30 years studying… learning from some of the best equestrians in the world & developing mental tools and exercises to help me feel safe, secure, confident, and most of all connected to my horses.

Step by step, piece by piece, with the help of some very special friends, we have created a training path that guides you to create an extraordinary, safe, willing, true partnership with your horse…
(without force or intimidation)
even if you’ve experienced setbacks in the past & feel stuck on how to move forward.

No matter your age, or experience, or the size of your goals… you CAN do this with confidence!


Finally, Horsemanship That 
Aligns With Your Soul

We are here to help you have a dream partnership with your horse….following extraordinary relationship-based training.

and transform your life in the process

Hi! I am Jenny Rohlen-Barker.

I have used what I have learned on my lifetime journey to help 1000s of equestrian women, (just like you) to make time for what they love… to build the confidence & skills to train their own safe, connected, willing heart horses…

I have also been able to become a 2-Time World Champion, the creator of “The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner”, “The Extraordinary Horse Training Journal”, “HorseGirl.me”, “The Extraordinary Horsemanship: Heart Equation Formula” & the programs within the “Extraordinary School of Horsemastership”.

I am blessed to be a sidekick to the amazing, innovative Charlotte Cannon in her groundbreaking program “The Cannon Method” and to have worked with 25 Time World Champion, Cleve Wells to co-create TheHorseTrainingChannel.com

Discover the extraordinary within you and your horse, and unlock a world of endless possibilities in the saddle and beyond.

We are excited to guide you on a remarkable journey from building unwavering confidence and forging a deeper bond with your horse to mastering essential horsemanship skills, our programs empower you to become the confident, connected leader your horse wants to be with.

You’ll learn to create mutual trust, and unity in your partnership, setting you on a path to fulfilling your boldest equestrian dreams. 

Look what horse girls just like you are saying!

I don’t need the answers I have searched for for the past 20 years, I found them here with the confidence tack box, these fabulous horse girls and these challenges, motivation Mondays and the inner circle group once a month. This program has changed me and my life!
I’m pretty sure a shrink would have cost me way more money then my fees here. Thank you Jen Rohlen!

Toni Huber

How can we help you today?

Freebies & Resources

Imagine having mindset tools that quickly calm your nerves & get you back focused so that you can ride your best.

Sound good? Great! Let me show you how.

Teach your horse to relax & connect

Free Video Training Coming Soon!

A Horse Training Blueprint that helps you reach your goals & still aligns with your soul

Free Download Coming Soon!

Carve out time for what you love

Give yourself the magical gift of taking the time to discover what you truly want, where you are today, uncover limiting beliefs that are holding you back, & make a clear plan… all on one page!
Free Workshop Replay Coming Soon!

Holistic Horsemanship Programs That Put The Horse First

“Align” Extraordinary Horsemanship Insiders is an invitation to step up beside and stand with the horse in a relationship where we can both BE MORE TOGETHER.

The Extraordinary Horsemanship System gives you a proven actionable horse training course of action that creates a willing, trusted, calm & connected partnership that keeps you safe, with a foundation that you can build on to do anything you can dream up with your horse from showing at the highest levels to riding through the fields at home for only $37  for a limited time only $27 a month

“Elevate” is our “Align” program with personal support.

The first complete horsemanship COACHING solution for horsewomen that gives you a complete blueprint to improve your confidence, handling & riding skills with an extraordinary horse training program THAT PUTS YOUR HORSE FIRST.

+ Coaching

+Personal Support & Guidance,



+A Boost of Encouragement when you need it

=You will become the horsewoman you want to be

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Products That Guide You On Your Journey

The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner

Join 1000s of women, setting yourself up to live with purpose, focus & progress using your passion for horses as the ultimate inspiration for living your best life with our best selling Equestrian Life Planner.

The Extraordinary Horse Training Journal

Track & Transform Your Sessions with Your Horse with our exclusive Extraordinary Horse Training Journal designed to Maximize Your Time and Streamline Your Progress.

The Equestrian Confidence Tackbox

A library of actionable exercises to quickly improve your horsemanship skills to connect more deeply, overcome fear, and become a better rider & handler,

so you can build confidence that will spill into all areas of your life!

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