2020 Re-boot 4 Part Free Workshop

The Horse Girl’s

“Get Back On The Horse”

Free 2020 Re-boot Workshop!

What does a horse girl do when life bucks her off?
She gets back on the horse.

At the end of this workshop series, you will go from feeling all the feels of being overwhelmed, bummed or unmotivated to feeling confident and inspired to finish 2020 strong like the horse girl you are.

Reset Your Mind.

RE-Ignite Your Dreams & Goals.

Make A New Plan.

Make The Rest Of The Year The Best Of The Year!

This free 4 part Workshop starts May 24th, at 4 pm eastern








In this totally FREE Training, you will learn…


Workshop #1 May 24th 4-5:30 pm

The One Page Plan That Makes Everything Possible: a powerful exercise that will reignite your dreams and passion, uncover your limiting beliefs, AND create a step by step plan (ALL on one page)

Workshop #2 May 25th 1-1:30 pm

The Confidence Cure: how to step into a new trust in yourself and create unbreakable confidence that you can handle anything that comes your way

Workshop #3 May 26th 1-1:30 pm

Everything You Have Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side of Fear: 3 fool proof strategies to that make you “bombproof” as a rider & in life

Workshop #4 May 25th 1-1:30 pm

Get Back On The Horse. We have worked for 3 sessions on ourselves. Now let’s make a step by step plan to get safely back in the saddle both in life & with our horses.

You will receive…


Daily Email Training & Tutorials

Everyday we’ll pop-up in your inbox to give you a little lesson and gentle nudge to do your challenge homework, plus give you some cool tips and tricks we’ve learned

Daily FaceBook Live Training

In addition to daily email training – you’ll also be invited to join us every day at 12p EST on facebook for training!

Actionable Worksheets

As Rachel Hollis tells us “We need more than a dream, we need a plan”. 

At the end of our time together you will be refocused and ready to take on the rest of 2020 with new strength & ease! 

A clear plan for the rest of2020 is just a few hours away!

Join us for the FREE "Get Back On The Horse" 2020 Reset Workshops!

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