Do you want the steps to confidently build a true partnership with your horse?


Unbridle Your Confidence…
in 2 minutes or less!

“… It’s more than just “horse training”. It’s about life training … It has changed not only my relationship with my horse, but it has changed my business life and my personal life. “

-KathrynJane F.-

Hey new friend!

You’ve landed here for a reason, so maybe…

▶Your confidence is rattled, and worse you can’t seem to get past it

▶You are looking for a different approach to horse training, that allows you to reach for your highest goals but, still feels good to you

You need support training your own horse

▶You have big show goals, and you want to be competitive, but you can’t relate to what you are seeing others do to win

▶ Simply your days are jam-packed and you are looking for tips to get stuff done and get to the barn!

pssst… I’ve been there too!

Hey! I am Jenny.

I am the horse-crazy, creator of HorseGirl.me, The Extraordinary Horsemanship Program, & the Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner, the co-creator of The Horse Training Channel & The Cannon Method, 2-Time World Champion, wife, mom to 2 grown kids, 6 horses, 2 dogs & a bossy cat…

That little voice inside you that says “Something’s not right” or “I need to wait” or “My horse needs something different” or “I am anxious”…

You aren’t hearing things. You aren’t crazy.

It’s time to trust yourself again.


I know how it feels to be rattled, distracted, anxious and sometimes even scared in my horse time.

I know what it feels like to be stuck wondering how to move forward and still achieve my riding goals BUT NOT  break my relationship with my horse.

It’s discouraging! And deflating to feel bummed doing the thing that makes me happiest- working with my horse!

So I spent the last 45 years studying… learning from some of the best equestrians in the world & developing the tools and exercises to help me feel safe, secure, confident, and most of all connected to my horses.

And you know what? Now when those feelings come I have the tools to do something about it and move forward.

And I want the same and more for you!

Ready To Experience Horsemanship That Guides You To Achieve Your Goals, Aligns With Your Soul…

and transforms your life in the process

“Just one week and I feel like I have a new horse. I cannot even describe how I’m feeling.”

-H. Queen-

How can I help you today?

You’ll love this!


Unbridle Your Confidence…
in 2 minutes or less!

Imagine being able to quickly calm your nerves & focus so that you can ride your best.

Sound good? Great! I will show you how in this free ebook + bonus audio to listen in on the go!

Look what horse girls just like you are saying!

“I don’t need the answers I have searched for for the past 20 years, I found them here with the confidence tack box, these fabulous horse girls and these challenges, motivation Mondays and the inner circle group once a month.

This program has changed me and my life!

I’m pretty sure a shrink would have cost me way more money than my fees here. Thank you Jen Rohlen!”

Toni H.

Training & Products To Guide You On Your Journey

The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner

Join 1000s of women, setting yourself up to live with purpose, focus & progress using your passion for horses as the ultimate inspiration for living your best life with our best selling Equestrian Life Planner.

The Extraordinary Horse Training Journal

Track & Transform Your Sessions with Your Horse with our exclusive Extraordinary Horse Training Journal designed to Maximize Your Time and Streamline Your Progress.

The Equestrian Confidence Tackbox

A library of actionable exercises to quickly improve your horsemanship skills to connect more deeply, overcome fear, and become a better rider & handler,

so you can build confidence that will spill into all areas of your life!

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