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Create a trusted, willing partnership,

while becoming the confident equestrian
you long to be...

Find out why hundreds of women around the world are joining us to create a fresh approach to building your confidence while creating a willing, safe, trusted, true partnership with your horse.

Giving your horse a voice, & a choice.

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I help equestrian women to make time
for the things they love,
overcome obstacles
and help them to have the confidence
to create a willing, trusted, safe,
extraordinary partnership with their horse.

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Become a part of Horses-U Riding Academy,
our exclusive online Horse Girl, equestrian training center,
designed to give you the tools, support,
and plan
to go from

or plain ole lack of motivation
to a trusted, willing, CONFIDENT,
extraordinary relationship with your horse.

"From planning goals, to establishing good habits, to forcing me to ride when the excuses abound, the planner and the support from Jen and Kristin at Horse-U has been truly life changing."

- Diana Lancaster, Arkansas

"I can’t wait to get my new planner. This will be my third and each year it is better. Horses- U support and the planner has changed my life and horsemanship.

Girls I ride with ask “How have you progressed so much with your horse?” We work 6 days a week.  “How do you ride so much?” Have to…it’s in my planner.

So here I am creeping up on 60 and in the best shape I think I’ve ever been in and my horsemanship has soared…of course so has the fun.

From planning goals, to establishing good habits, to forcing me to ride when the excuses abound,  the planner and the support from Jen and Kristen at Horse-U has been truly life changing."

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