Discover the clear path to riding your horse with confidence at any age, skill level or experience.

Join & Experience Life-Changing Programs With Your Horse

If you’ve been hurt, or think you might not be able to handle your horse, or that you may not be doing it right, or feel that you’re not good enough or can’t find the time or motivation to ride, then these programs can help you get back right on track.

Intro To The Cannon Method

Relaxation & Confidence Building Clinic.  Prepare to “Rethink” everything you know about Horsemanship

Equestrian Confidence Tackbox

Take action tools, mindsets & exercises that build unbreakable trust in yourself & your horse.

Mission Extraordinary

90 Days of living your best life!

“I cannot say enough good things about Horse Girl!! This program is a godsend for me!! They can relate to everything a horse owner goes through and can help each person find confidence and the ability to connect with their horses.

They inspire success, understanding, and passion for the horse relationship, and I appreciate their assistance in planning and working on the plan

They are always very welcoming even though they manage so many things on a personal and business level, always ready to give help and feedback. The group feels like family to me, and consider it a joy and privilege to be part of this group, I would recommend Horse Girl to anyone!”

Teri H.

The Live Extraordinary Planner

Make Your equestrian life extraordinary

Find Yourself

  • With Time for the Things You Love
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Creating True Connection
  • Living at Your Best Life

Happy Horse & Riders

Are Created Here

Hey Horse Girl Sister,

I’m Jenny!

It may sound a little strange, but I am kinda like an equestrian confidence fairy lol.

Don’t worry, I won’t sprinkle you with pixie dust. My goal, along with my friends is to get your bottom in the saddle doing what you love.

With a step by step plan to help you believe & trust in yourself. To find greater joy & fun in your horsemanship that will spill into all areas of life.

It’s also, time to make our horses happy too.

To rethink traditional horse training giving your horse a voice & a choice to create true, authentic partnership.

It’s not only the right thing to do…it’s the most fun you’ve ever had in your life.

A Free Gift For You

Equestrian mindset mastery tools to Boost Your Confidence & give fear, uncertainly & anxiety the boot to get you back focused, and riding your best

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Dig Deeper For A Solution

Dig Deeper For A Solution

Building trust, relaxation, confidence and connection may look pretty strange sometimes, but thinking outside the box can help. In our effort to...

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